E³ NH-LA-LEI 1 1Pl L6

E³ NH-LA-LEI 1 1Pl L6

E³-NH Fuse-Switch, vertical design, size 1, up to 250A, 1-pole switching, 185 mm busbar system, special sidewise terminal-connection left

396 €

475,20 € incl. VAT

Import code: 38010-0130

Size: 1
Switching (1-pole or 3-pole): 1-pole
Weight [kg]: -
Rated operational current Un= 400V [A]: 250
Rated operational current Un= 500V [A]: 250
Rated operational current Un= 690V [A]: 200
Conventional thermal current Ith [A]: 250
Rated operational voltage Ue [V]: 690
Rated insulation voltage Ui [V]: 1000
Rated impuls withstand voltage Uimp [V]: 12000
Rated frequency [Hz]: 50-60
Utilization category Ue= 400V: AC-23B
Utilization category Ue= 500V: AC-22B
Utilization category Ue= 690V: AC-21B
Mechanical durability [cycles]: 1400
Electrical durability [cycles]: 200
Permissible ambient air temperature [°C]: -25 +55
Type of protection: IP20
Maximum power dissipation of he NH Fuse -Links [W]: 23
Total power loss at Ith (without fuse links) [W] : 27
Degree of pollution: 3
Overvoltage category: IV
Busbar mounting: Screw M12
Terminal side: Sidewise
Terminal connection: Screw M12
Type of mounting: 185mm busbar system

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